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June 2020

As of July 1st 2020 all new Wire Barrier Installations need to comply to MASH TL3

Steelgal NZ Ltd is pleased to announce the Brifen WRBS to MASH TL3 compliance as part of our barrier/guardrail product range in offering a total roadside safety solution.
The Brifen MASH system is already tried and tested throughout the United States

Easily identified by its unique weave pattern, Brifen MASH TL3 Wire Rope Safety Barrier comprises four (4) tensioned wire ropes supported by the Brifen ‘O’ Post. Each steel post is supported by a concrete footing, which contains a plastic void to facilitate ease of installation and repair.
Brifen may be installed on the shoulder (verge) or in the median to prevent dangerous cross-over impacts. During impact the errant vehicle is restrained as the tensioned cables deflect. The posts yield by bending proximate to ground level. The weave pattern limits dynamic deflection by
transferring loads to the supporting posts upstream and downstream of the impact zone.

As with previous Brifen WRBS, the interwoven characteristics of the Brifen MASH WRBS
accommodate a tighter radius than other systems at the same post spacings. This reduces the risk of the wire rope springing out onto the road-way after impact.

Brifen WRBS are sold by Steelgal NZ Ltd under license to Hill & Smith UK.

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